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Ranjini Gupta

An accredited personal trainer by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) , my fitness journey began during my early childhood days. I grabbed every opportunity to train and play varied sports. I was fortunate enough to represent my school, college, university and national teams in the games of Hockey & Football.

Post my student life, sports took a back seat. After almost 12 years of not indulging in any sport, I took up long distance running. This was post the birth of my second child. It was no mean task to get my fitness back but what really helped me was being consistent and disciplined with my effort and trusting the process.

Today, recognized as one of the successful amateur recreational marathon runners from India, having completed four of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors including Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo and New York, long distance running is a sport I'm currently engaged in.

I strongly believe that we humans are designed to move. Irrespective of whether you want to indulge in a sport or just lead a healthy happy life, being physically and mentally fit plays a big role.


This led to the birth of Rungenie Fitness. Through this platform, I reach out to people who want to get fit and perform to their potential. No matter your age, abilities or fitness aspirations, we can work together to find the path to make Fitness a Lifestyle for you.

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